The Demont team, from the office staff support to the actual arrival and face-to-face time with them in our community, was exceptional, flexible, thorough and very discreet…The results were penetrating and useful.

Griffin Morse, Headmaster

Pinkerton Academy, Exeter, NH

I already view Demont’s senior counselor as a mentor in this industry and feel blessed to have him on the O-AT-KA team. His knowledge of fundraising, camps, and the human instincts make him the strong leader that he is…The study manager's personality and organizational skills are remarkable. She understands her client's needs and goes above and beyond to make herself part of the organization. Many times I reached out to her with professional AND personal questions and she was able to make my job easier, while also being reassuring.

Heather Plati, Executive Director

Camp O-AT-KA, Sebago, ME

The Demont team clearly had personal passion for our mission, which was crucial to earning trust and respect among our volunteers.

Ben Rose, Former Executive Director

The Green Mountain Club, Waterbury Center, VT

The Demont team members are creative problem-solvers that connect very well with our alumni. Most importantly, they are willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.

Peter Hare, Executive Director

Keewaydin Foundation, Salisbury, VT and Ontario, Canada

Hyde aspired to raise about $8M; however, before launching our last campaign, we decided to hire a consulting firm to help us. It was probably the single smartest thing we did. Demont Associates helped us raise $16M – far more than any of our staff or Board members imagined we could raise and six times more than any prior campaign.

Malcolm W. Gauld, President

Hyde Schools, Bath, ME and Woodstock, CT

Demont’s senior officer was very adept at ‘seeing the forest for the trees,’ and helping on major strategic issues along the two-year campaign period.

Bob Clark, Chief Professional Officer

None of us envisioned that we had the capacity to raise over $3 million in a year, and our fund-raising programs are stronger than they have ever been.

Mary Ann Allen, Chief Executive Officer

Wildwood Programs, Inc., Schenectady, NY

This was a challenging campaign with several unique obstacles, some unanticipated, and Demont Associates met every one of these with intelligence, perspective, and imagination.

Robert Grabill, Vice President of the Board of Directors

I initially was unsure about the benefit of a planning study in large part because we had run two successful campaigns before without a study and because it is a lot of money! But the detail of information received and the appreciation expressed by many of those interviewed that we were doing this in a planned and serious way has won me over. I feel that what we learned will not only benefit the planning for the campaign but for a lot of our work in other parts of our effort as well.

Tom Settlemire, Campaign Co-Chair