Culture of Philanthopy Evaluation - COPE ®

What is COPE®?

COPE® is Demont Associates' assessment tool for not-for-profit organizations used to evaluate its current “culture of philanthropy.” COPE® is an acronym for Culture of Philanthropy Evaluation.

Why would a not-for-profit organization take the assessment?

COPE® will help any not-for-profit organization to: 1) establish a baseline reference point from which to achieve measurable standards of development performance over time, 2) identify specific areas for philanthropic improvement, 3) identify and celebrate/reward successful development achievement of the organization's staff/ Board, 4) inform the Board and staff on priorities and fundraising best practices to achieve greater philanthropic success, or 5) comprehensively assess its preparedness for a major gifts initiative, a campaign, or intensive effort to dramatically increase philanthropic support.

How was COPE® developed?

Through the extensive comprehensive experience over three decades from Demont service to a full mix of educational, cultural, youth development, faith-based, health, environmental, and social service not-for-profit institutions in the Northeastern United States. In 2010, Demont developed its COPE® tool and began offering to non-for-profit organizations committed to building a culture of philanthropy over time.

How is COPE® conducted?

Demont facilitates a confidential survey to be completed by Board and administrative staff members of the organization who know the institution best. The survey takes 8-10 minutes to complete.  Demont Associates tabulates the responses and provides a written analysis and executive summary, including scores for the organization.

Do you recommend a minimum number of survey participants for COPE®?

Generally, a minimum of 25 participants helps to ensure an accurate assessment of the organization’s “culture.”

Why do you depend upon our staff, Board and closest supporters to evaluate the institution’s culture of philanthropy? Wouldn’t an expert know how to truly evaluate us?

An expert might complete a great professional report. However, experience has shown that having the leaders of the organization own the process, discover the answers and learn from engagement leads not only to equally valid and relevant conclusions but more important to the impetus for action to improve the culture of philanthropy. A consultant, working with the institutions leaders, can provide perspective, best practices and objectivity which can lead to an effective partnership.

How much does the assessment cost?

The fee including an executive summary, which contains scores, summary of data, conclusions and priority recommendations based upon 25 to 40 surveys is $2,000 and $3,000 for above 40 surveys.  A personalized presentation with organization leaders generally adds $750 to $1500 to the comprehensive cost including travel and printed reports.

Is this service available through the Demont Difference Fund?

Yes, it is offered by special invitation to youth (including camps) and conservation organizations.

How do we get started?

Contact us at or call the Demont Associates office at 207-773-3030.