Demont Associates Past, Present and Future


Demont’s founder, Bob Demont successfully completes his first campaign in four months, personally raising $5,000 for the international, experiential education program, Up With People.

Bowdoin College’s Vice President for Development introduces recent graduate Bob Demont to Ketchum Inc. Bob joins Ketchum where he directs campaigns, becomes a shareholder and officer, and becomes President, New England Region in 14 years of service.

Demont Associates is launched in Portland Maine to provide not-for-profits with philanthropic counsel, help them build a culture of philanthropy and “make a lasting difference for good.”

Demont Associates completes 22 years of service, helping 250 institutions raise over $850,000,000 with assistance from 90 professional associates. The company completes 22 consecutive years of giving 5% of its time to pro bono service and its total charitable cash contributions surpass $1 million.

In its 25th anniversary, Demont clients are projected to raise a total of $1 billion with a collective return on investment of over 900%. Demont professionals will help selected clients to “make a lasting difference for good” by offering them international experience combined with local knowledge, service and commitment.